The Lord Alfred Douglas
Memorial Prize


A yearly prize of £500 was established at the University of Oxford in 1999, with the first award given out in 2000. The Lord Alfred Douglas Memorial Prize is awarded, providing there is an entry of sufficient merit, during Trinity Term for best sonnet or other poem written in English and in strict rhyming metre. Any member of the University, who is registered for a degree of the University, whether as an undergraduate or a graduate student, is eligible to enter for the prize. The prize is not be awarded more than once to the same person and a copy of the winning entry is deposited in the Bodleian Library.

Poems (one copy) are to be sent under a sealed cover to the English Faculty Secretary, St Cross Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ, during Hilary or Trinity term of the academic year in question. The author is required to conceal his or her name and to distinguish the composition by a motto, sending at the same time his or her name, college, and address in a separate envelope with the same motto inscribed upon it. No author may submit more than three entries.

Previous winners of the prize are:

• Andrew Wynn Owen, 'from The Adventures of Elmó Elmínus', 2014
• Tess Somervell, 'From Mary Spencer to George Stubbs', 2010
• Will May, 'Anonymous', 2004
• Frances Levitson, 'The Weather in Kansas', 2003
• Rudolph Glitz, 'The Cuttlefish', 2002
• Matthew Sperling, 'Alchemy', 2001
• Amanda Holton, 'Doctor Fell in Love', 2000

Click HERE to read Will May's winning entry.

Click HERE to read Tess Somervell's winning entry.



Bosie, with Sheila Colman and dogs

Sheila Colman, during her lifetime, worked diligently to restore the reputation of poet Lord Alfred Douglas. Colman and her husband, Edward, were introduced to Douglas by a mutual friend in 1943. In December 1944, Douglas accepted their invitation to stay at Old Monk's Farm near Lancing, 60 miles south of London, and he remained there until his death on March 20, 1945. Douglas bequeathed his literary rights to the Colmans, who carefully collected royalties on publications and quotations. By 1981, the Colmans were able to pay off all of Douglas' debts from his bankruptcy in 1913. In 1999, Colman donated funds to Oxford University in order to establish the Lord Alfred Douglas Memorial Prize. Click HERE to read a full biography of Sheila Colman.


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