Photographs taken in

Portrait of Bosie, 1931

Views of the seaside at Brighton, including the famed West Pier which was a
popular attraction in Bosie's day. The Pier was ravaged by storms and two fires.

Number 28, the site of Bosie's first flat in Brighton. Four views:
1) Looking up the street, 2) The building, 3) The Main Entrance, 4) Peeking through the door into the hallway!

The home of Bosie's mother, Sibyl, at Number 35 on Fourth Avenue in Hove.

Two views of a lovely church, St. John the Baptist, in Hove

Two differently angled views of Bosie's home at St. Ann's Court in Hove.
He lived in this flat for nine years, 1935-1944.

All photographs by Anthony Wynn.


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