Miscellaneous Stage Appearances

Barry directed the new comedy "Pommy" at The People's Palace Theatre, Mile End Road. The above programme is for the week commencing Monday May 8, 1950. Produced by Stanley French, Ltd. (by arrangement with Tempest Productions, Ltd.). The setting was an Australian sheep ranch in the 'outback'. "Pommy" was written W. P. Lipscomb and John Watson. The cast list is as follows: Natalie Raine; Duncan Lamont; Bill Kerr; Edward Howell; Colin Croft; Patricia Wayne; Cyril Cusack; Ronald Howard and Benedict Weeraperuma, and directed by Barry Morse.

Barry produced, directed, and starred in the wildly successful 1958 Canadian production of
Gore Vidal's "Visit to a Small Planet" which featured Canada's top actors.
Note the ingenious billing for Austin Willis!

Program from the 1962 National Tour of Harold Pinter's "The Caretaker"
starring Barry Morse (Davies, 'The Derelict'), Patrick Horgan (Mick), and John Rees (Aston).
Directed by Fred Herbert, Sets by Brian Currah, Lighting by Paul Morrison


Barry directed the groundbreaking Broadway play "Staircase",
which opened in December 1967 and starred Eli Wallach and Milo O'Shea;
the first play to deal with homosexuality in a forthwright manner

Barry starred in the Broadway hit "Hadrian VII" for six month run in 1969 at the Helen Hayes Theater,
the play also featured Sydney Sturgess as 'Mrs. Crowe'

Barry starred in the Shaw Festival production of "Mrs. Warren's Profession" in 1976
also starring Kate Reid and Christopher Gaze

An editorial cartoon from a Canadian newspaper--Barry Morse was the
official spokesperson for the American Express ad campaign in Canada.
He was also starring as 'Scrooge' in the popular stage version of "A Christmas Carol"

In 1987, Barry and Sydney traveled across Canada by van to raise funds for the
Performing Arts Lodges of Canada (PAL) on the Canadian tour of "Merely Players"

In 1992, Barry starred in George Bernard Shaw's "The Philanderer" with the newly restored fourth act.
The show was directed by Brian Cox and also starred Clive Owen.

To celebrate the opening of the Performing Arts Lodge in Toronto in 1993, Barry performed
"Merely Players" to a packed house in the courtyard of the PAL building

June Lockhart and Barry Morse perform the emotional
closing scene of "Love Letters" in 1995

Barry and June pose on the set of "Love Letters"
in Portland, Oregon

Barry rehearses his one-man show "Merely Players"
in preparation for a performance in the USA in 1997

Performed at the British Theatre Museum, London, on April 22, 2000.
Pictured from right to left are Michael Browning, Elizabeth Sharland,
Judy Campbell, Susan Travers, and Barry Morse

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