Miscellaneous Screen Appearances


An early picture of Barry Morse from the beginning of his career


One of Barry's first film roles was in the Will Hay film
"The Goose Steps Out" (Will Hay is in the doorway and Barry
is second from the right - you can see the top of his head!)


Barry in No Trace, the 1949 British movie.


Barry co-starred in this 1950 British thriller


Barry co-starred in the 1961 drama "Lord Durham" as 'Gibbon Wakefield' with Powys Thomas, Ann Morish and Joseph Shaw.


Barry's shocking role in the science fiction series "The Way Out"
episode 'Soft Focus' with Joan Hotchkis, broadcast July 7, 1961

French movie poster of the 1962 film "Kings of the Sun"
starring Yul Brynner (Aigle-Noir), George Chakiris (Balam),
Richard Basehart (Ah Min), and Barry Morse (Ah Zok)

Barry guest starred on Wagon Train in "The Shiloh Degnan Story",
which aired on November 7, 1962


Barry starred in "A Tangled Web", an episode of Alfred Hitchcock
Presents, broadcast on January 25, 1963

Barry starred, along with Paul Stevens and Jon Voight,
in the December 9, 1966 episode of this PBS series entitled
'A Sleep of Prisoners'

Barry Morse and Diana Muldaur (top photo) in an episode of
"The Invaders" entitled 'The Life Seekers'; and Barry Morse
with series star Roy Thinnes in photo #2. It aired on
March 12, 1968

Efram Zimablist, Jr. and Barry Morse in "The FBI", the episode
entitled 'The Flaw' which aired on December 15, 1968

Barry Morse and Faye Dunaway in the 1970 motion picture
"Puzzle of a Downfall Child"

Artwork for the TV miniseries "The Golden Bowl," based on the
novel by Henry James

"Program X", hosted by writer and broadcaster Charles Oberdorf,
was an anthology of drama and performance that ranged from the
conventional to the experimental. Barry Morse played the part of
'Julius Caesar' in "Ave Luna", a dramatic poem by George Faludy,
in this April 1973 CBC television production

Barry starred with his old friend Peter Cushing in the classic
suspense/horror film "Asylum" written by Robert Bloch

Scan of two video covers for the film "One Man"
starring Barry Morse and Len Cariou

Movie poster from "Welcome to Blood City" with Jack Palance,
Keir Dullea and Samatha Eggar

The only movie poster in which Barry Morse is pictured
(and his image is on the poster TWICE!) - from "Klondike
Fever" with Jeff East, Rod Steiger, Lorne Greene,
Angie Dickinson and Gordon Pinsent

Images and posterfrom The Shape of Things to Come,
with Carol Lynley and Jack Palance.

Poster artwork from the horror film "Funeral Home"

Barry Morse and Lou Hirsch in the mini-series
"Whoops Apocalypse"

Barry Morse, Lou Hirsch and John Barron
in another shot from "Whoops Apocalypse"

Barry Morse and other actors from another scene of "Whoops Apocalypse"

Cover of the "Whoops Apocalypse" book
(see picture of Barry in the upper left-hand corner)

One of Barry's publicity shots from the 1980s

Barry Morse in his role as 'Dr. Harley' in the 1984
miniseries "The Master of the Game"

Barry starred in the excellent film "Reunion at Fairborough" with
Robert Mitchum, Red Buttons, and Deborah Kerr. He is pictured here
behind the scenes

Barry starred in the superb film "Glory, Glory" as 'Rev. Dan Stuckey',
a satire on the TV evangelist phenomenon

Barry Morse appeared in the Italian film "Al Lupo, Al Lupo"
("Wolf, Wolf!") speaking all of his lines in Italian!


Movie poster from Barry's 1999 film "Promise Her Anything"
with Billy Zane


Barry holds a copy of the book "The Future Is Fantastic!" by Robert E. Wood
in which he is featured, now out of print and a collector's item


Publicity shot from the 1980s




More publicity shots from the 1980s


Beardless Barry in 1999

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