June 10, 1918 - February 2, 2008


Barry Morse as 'Lt. Philip Gerard in The Fugitive
and as 'Prof. Victor Bergman in Space: 1999



It is very sad news. He was a great actor and seems for what I know a great and wonderful man. -Valerie Corinne

We've all been dreading this sad news... this is a very hard day... We all will forever treasure our personal time with Barry in Tampa and we will keep him in our hearts forever. -Joyce Andrews

I'm so very sorry to hear of Barry's passing, and I'm so glad that I got to know a small bit of him in the time I've been here. I was concerned that this might happen, he's been on my mind a lot these days. Thank you, Anthony for giving me the opportunity at Christmas time to send him a card. I'm sure the grief hits you and Robert hardest of all. Please give Haywood and his family my deepest sympathy. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to send them to him as well. God bless Barry & his family, and all of you. -Arlette & Cocoa

My heart goes out to you, his family, and all of us.... -Linda

He was a great man and a fantastic actor. My condolences to his family. Rest in peace and rise to a glorious resurrection, Barry Morse. -Angel Alberto Garcia

OMG! I just heard the news. If anyone is planning on going to the con we definitely MUST tribute this great actor that cared a lot for us "silly" fans who showed up. In the best and worst of health he always came to be with his "Space" family. This is sad news but I am definitely going to remember this wonderful actor with my friends in Calgary. -David

What a brilliant actor and kind gentleman. Meeting him at Breakaway the Convention in LA in 1999 was a true honor. I'll never forget you, Barry! Rest In Peace. -Jeffrey

Very sad to read this - RIP. -James Calderone

I knew that he wouldn't live forever, but I was always hoping. I have not found a newspaper obit for him. -Mike Burris

I am also so grateful to have met him so many times, and to have shared nice memories with him, and his stories, etc. He was a wonderful man, and I am glad we were all able to enjoy his company for as long as we did. -Albert

Very sad news, indeed. I'll always remember meeting him for the first time at the 1982 American Space con. He was always warm and friendly, and opionated. And I appreciated all those qualities. Didn't always agree with him, but he was a wonderful addition to our "family" and had as much interest in us as we had in him. The love and admiration flowed both ways and felt wonderful. I'll miss that. -George

I will pass on my condolences, too. I enjoyed Barry's portrayal of Professor Bergman - I think a rather underrated character in Year 1. A very solid performance. -Anthony D.

A real class act -- and at 89.5 years, that's a pretty good run. BRAVO. -Chris-Leo

My heart aches at this loss, and I will always have fond memories of Barry, not only watching him as Victor Bergman, but also his enthralling stories of life on the stage. I only got to meet him once, but I am glad I did. The only happy thought I can find in all this is that now he is (depending on your belief) with Sydney together. Even though he spoke humorously of her, calling her "The Management," you could sense his undying love for his departed wife whenever he spoke of her. It reminds me of a song the chorus I am in sings at the end every concert: "Walk hand in hand with me, through all eternity." And they will. Journey well, Barry Morse. Thank you for touching all of our lives. -Matt Butts

Mr. Morse will truly be missed. He led a good long life. About 12 or 13 years ago, fellow Fugitive fan and member of this group, Rusty Pollard got me in touch with Mr. Morse. I sent Rusty a letter which he forwarded for me. I did not really expect an answer but much to my surprise, Mr. Morse sent me a personal response as well as an autographed picture of himself. I have put both the photo and the letter on my Fugitive website... They are among my most prized possessions. Good bye Barry. Thanks for the memories. -Steven Shapallo

I am very saddened by our loss, he will be missed. -Bryan

Meeting Barry at Breakaway the Convention in LA in 1999 was real honor. Seeing him perform Love Letters with Barbara Bain was a rare treat. I'll always remember the beloved Professor Victor Bergman, and of course, the enormously talented and beloved Barry Morse, a true gentleman! Rest in Peace, Barry. -Jeffrey

I know EXACTLY what you mean, Jeffrey. I met him at Breakaway, and again at MainMission in 2000. I have a picture with him from both conventions that are both blurry (my wife didn't know how to run the camera!), but you can tell it is me and it is him. I wrote him a letter after Breakaway that I was really, really glad and honored to have met him there. And that while his character was not my favorite as a child, I really was moved by him as a person in hearing him talk, and seeing him in person. I told him he was kind of like the grandfather I never knew. I also thanked him for taking the time to come to the convention, since that was when his wife was not doing to well. She died shortly thereafter. He wrote a couple of page letter back to me, thanking me for the kind words. I had never expected a reply, let alone a handwritten letter. But again I was moved that he had taken the time to write back. You kind of figure stars are busy and don't respond to fan mail, but he did. Thank you for your contributions, Barry, and making an impact on those of us who appreciated you! -Jim

Yes, extremely sad news Condolences to his family and close friends and I'm sure we all feel the same. What would Moonbase Alpha and its inhabitants have done without the beloved Prof. in the first series? I remember him fondly in The Zoo Gang and the film The Shape Of Things To Come, as well as Space: 1999. A fine actor and will be sadly missed by us all. -Spidey

It's so very sad to know that Barry Morse has died. I really loved his character on Space: 1999, and his other roles in movies and TV. My thoughts are with his family & his close friends. -Sharry Bennington

I remember him for first with much affection playing Mr. Parminter in The Adventurer as Gene Barry’s MI5/6 handler... The Fugitive was the first ever television series to have the final episode shown at exactly the same time throughout the world or the following day so no one would know the ending and be able to say was Kimble innocence or guilty to the millions of fans that followed it. Not a bad epilog as used to be said on all Quinn Martin Productions for a man who as entertained so many with so many defined and well-remembered acting roles. -Kerry (a bloke)

Barry was a wonderful actor and I fortunately did have a chance to chat with him for a few minutes at MainMission: 2000 and can say that he was charming, intelligent and thoughtful... an even better person than he was an actor which is the highest praise I can give. Rest in Peace Barry Morse/Victor Bergman. I will never forget what you meant to me as such a great character in my favourite show. Goodbye Barry... god speed as you encounter new wonders of the universe on the other side of this life! -Richard

We all are so lucky to have known him and will remember him always. -Colleen

I am so saddened to hear that Barry Morse passed away. I feel very lucky to have met the man that created the wonderful character of Professor Bergman several times over the years at Space: 1999 conventions. He always impressed me with how gracious and giving he was to the fans. I think my most cherished memories of him are from the convention in Portland. I was astonished at just how far out of his way he made to feel all the attendees feel special... He was an incredible man, and I will miss him. My thoughts go out to his family and many friends. -Ken

Although Mr Morse was always highly critical of Space: 1999... he was also very supportive of its fandom, appearing at many conventions over the last 30 years - his most recent appearances being Fanderson's 'Destination Moonbase Alpha' and 'Countdown to Disaster' events in September 2005. -Chris Bentley

I'm very sad to hear of Barry's death... He was a great talent. I have to say "Black Sun" was my favorite Victor Bergman (and John Koenig) episode... I loved that it explored his friendship with John and it also showed his passion for the mysteries of space and discovering new things. -Dana

I am crushed at hearing of this loss of a childhood hero. Pardon me if I may sound a bit maudlin... Bergman, as Barry infused him, was...not only Space's resident genius, but was representative of the best in the educated man -- the ideal of the kindly mentor. He was the steady voice of science and reason, and, without any contradiction at all, was also the human heart of the program... Barry showed us what a real man of science could be like, and, in so doing, developed a unique and VASTLY under appreciated character… Rest in peace, Barry Morse! -Jeff

I just learned of the beloved Mr. Morse's passing. Strangely enough, while I teared up, I also had a smile since I was one of the lucky fans that got to meet him and share some personal moments with him at the 2 Space: 1999 cons in Tampa. I would also like to thank Mr. Wood and all of the folks that supported Mr. Morse's great work and shared him with us even more in the books about his life and his great body of work. It was an honor to meet and get know Mr. Morse even briefly. We will never see his like again, rest in peace, Sir. -Etienne Navarre

This news has really struck me on a personal note. My friend Darrell and I met Barry Morse at the SPACE CON in Springfield MA in 82. Barry bought me my first Martini at the hotel bar. A Gibson. I will never forget how delightfully jovial and opinionated Barry was. A small group of us sat at the hotel bar and chatted away about so many things. I would like to toast him with his own words. "To everything that was". Rest in peace Barry. - David B.

As I read all the acolades and fond memories of this fine gentleman all I can say is - I hope to be remembered half as well. -Greg

Barry Morse' death has really hit home here in OZ. As a 15 year old I would race home to watch 1999 as well as other classics. I was talking with some friends about two months ago about the after life, or lack there of. I finished the conversation, as a true atheist would by saying "I hope that when I die, I don't care what happens, as long as it's interesting.”. Those lines from that episode of 1999 are firmly lodged in my mind and are part of folk lore among all fans. What a tragic loss to the arts. Sincere condolences to his family. Andrew, over the rainbow from OZ. -Andrew Peter Collins

The day the running stopped. God Bless Barry, and thank you for maintaining such a wonderful site for him. For those of us baby boomers whose lives were profoundly affected by Barry's acting - especially his astonishing work in The Fugitive - this is a sad time. Thank God many of his performances (and [his] memoir) will live on in perpetuity. -Vince Iuliano

I was one of the lucky fans that got to meet him and share some personal moments with him at the MainMission: 2000 con in New York. He will be missed. We'll all miss this great actor Barry Morse. -Reynaldo Morales

We'll all miss this great actor. May he rest in peace. I loved him as Victor Bergman, but he was great in almost every role he played. He had such a quiet, understated, sincere presence on screen. -Pete

Such sad news! I am glad so many of you had a chance to meet Barry and enjoy his company. And of course we have all enjoyed his work and will do so for many years to come. He was a true class act and enjoyed a long run. If there is a life hereafter, I hope he is reunited with his dear Sydney and Melanie. I'll be thinking of his family... -Linda.

My sincere condolences… I was lucky enough to sit with Barry in his Pall Mall London apartment in 1995. His wife Sydney was in hospital at the time, and I had a great chat with him in a break between hospital visits. -Chris

It is a sad loss for us, but I am happy for him. He's at peace and with his beloved wife. We recently got RTN on our cable system, and they are airing The Fugitive TV series. What a fresh perspective for me to see Barry in a different role. It's funny; to me he's very similar as Gerard, to Martin Landau's performance as Koenig. Amazing how a great actor can wrap themselves around any role. He will be missed. -Glenn J.

I'm also glad that he got to write his autobiography. It must have been satisfying to leave his wonderful and important life memories for others to embrace. I had hoped that there would have been a Space: 1999 movie and he would resume his role at Professor Victor Bergman, but sadly, this was not-to-be. May he rest in peace. -Mike Burris

This news has really hit me hard. Not only was Professor Bergman my favorite 1999 character, but I really enjoyed talking to Barry at all three of the conventions I got to see him at... That is the thing that I will always cherish about Barry; he genuinely enjoyed the company of his fans, and made the effort to come and be with us, even as his own health declined over the years. I will miss him. –David P.

Well I think Barry had a long and interesting life, a great career and a stable, happy marriage, which as we know is rare for actors. So I am sad, but we could all only hope to live such a long and productive life. I got the chance to spend considerable time with Barry on several occasions. He always remembered me by name and was extremely sweet to me. We didn't talk about Space so much as his family (he often said I reminded him of his daughter), his career and his memories from his amazing acting career... he was like a font of information and insight. Barry was also a passionate, opinionated person. Some people didn't like that, but I found it amusing and nakedly honest. Barry was not a man to mince words and I think at his age he felt like letting the cards fall as they may. I feel like we have lost the father of our fandom here. He cannot be replaced. Perhaps it sounds silly, but I personally learned a lot about life from Barry, and this went far beyond Space: 1999. His wealth of experience, his insight, his generosity, his talent and his stories moved me. When I was around him I mostly simply listened, soaking it all up. I am very sad to see Barry go, but he had lost his beloved wife and though he coped well, I'm sure on some level he was happy to join her. I am even more sad that we know longer have his voice to turn to. So while I had to shed some tears, I feel grateful for the experience of having known Barry. -Lindsey Ipsen

I'd wanted to tell him that I'd enjoyed his work on The Fugitive. I'd considered writing to him, but never got around to it. Now I wish I had. One thing that fascinates me about Lt. Gerard is a certain dichotomy about the character, and I'd have liked to have asked Mr. Morse his thoughts about it... I suspect that had a lesser actor been cast as Gerard, The Fugitive might not have been as successful as it was... And it's a further testimony to Barry Morse that Gerard had such an impact despite being in only- what?- one-third of the episodes. Yes, he's in the opening credits of every episode, but that alone doesn't guarantee a memorable performance when the character shows up on in scenes. –Rick

At conventions where Barry Morse was a guest of honor, I realized indeed that he himself was a person of great wit and wisdom who had a passion for the work he had done and was doing in various media. It was apparent that much of what we saw of Prof. Bergman's character came from the actor himself. What also struck me, in part for not having really known this before, was just how much stage work he had done and how much he loved it, especially the works of Shaw. That and the devotion for his wife, ill with Parkinson’s at the time of the first con I saw him at (the 1999 Breakaway Convention). That he cared for her so much yet also cared for others enough to come to events such as science fiction conventions also spoke a lot, I think. It was great to meet him, to see him put on the Love Letters and Merely Players plays at two of the conventions, and to listen to him in all the panels. It was clear how much he loved telling stories, whether the fictional kind in productions, or the real kind, including about his many decades in the various performance arts. There was a lot of history in his words. He will be missed. Rest in Peace, Barry Morse. -David Welle

I would also like to express my condolences on the passing of Barry Morse. In addition to being a great actor, he was a great person. To us he will always be Lt. Gerard, but he was many other roles in his acting career. -Jack

I had the privilege of meeting Barry Morse at one of the Fugitive Conventions in Toronto in the '90's. Dave Brown was the convention host. I remember speaking with Mr. Morse and wanting to hear all about him but found myself talking about myself and my job as a nurse, as, he was as interested in finding out about people as I was about him. He had turned the whole conversation around! I feel his loss just the way I remember feeling when David Janssen died in 1980. RIP. -Elizabeth Clark

Today I read about the Morse's death! I really feel bad reading about this news. I met one time Barry Morse in Milan some years ago. We spoke for some minutes in French. It was a really great emotion... -Andrea from Italy

Thank you so much for helping remember this man whose work served as an inspiration for so many. I've become a visual effects artist as a result of his and many others' work on Space:1999. This, in some small way, says thank you to his spirit for the excellent work in assaying a character who served as a direct inspiration for the way I've chosen to actually live my life: Curious about the universe, friendly to all I meet, and mindful of the importance of science and humanity in the world. I suspect that many of these traits shone in his portrayal as he seems, by all accounts, to have been that way himself. -Joseph



I left some flowers on Sydney's bench today (photo above) with a card saying:
"In loving memory of our friend Barry,
from 'Fugitive' fans around the world".
11 February 2008


I am so glad that I got to meet Barry at our Tampa convention! He was such a gracious and kind man, who always spoke fondly of "Dear David Janssen". I can't think of anyone more devoted to his or her spouse than Barry was. I was introduced to Barry in the elevator of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tampa. He kissed my hand (so charming and classy!), and told everyone in the elevator that it's better to kiss the ladies' hands because "my beard tends to tickle their faces". Helen, thank you so much for your kind gesture, and for conveying warm thoughts on behalf of all of us. Regards, Judy

We will truly miss our dear friend Barry here in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., where he was a frequent visitor to our home. Barry devoted some of his time in Portland for Oregon Health Science University's Parkinson Center of Oregon to raise Parkinson's disease awareness by performing plays and as a speaker for their yearly Symposium. His dear wife Sydney Sturgess passed away in 1999 with that disease. Barry, thank you for your tireless efforts, your friendship, our long talks on our patio over a glass of Pinot Noir and how you enriched our lives knowing you. Love, Dan and Camilla Sundholm

My name is Catherine (from France), we met at the Tampa convention, where I attended with my sister Isabelle. We both want to send you our deepest condolences, well it's hard to find the words, we all feel very sad... Thank you so much. We pray for Barry... -Catherine and Isabelle

I had the privilege to meet with Barry in NYC in 2000... He graciously opened up an arm of affection when I called to him from behind. We spoke briefly... He signed my Fugitive Books and posed with me for two remembrance pictures... I'll cherish his warm generous and long smile... Barry Morse was gracious, generous, kind and classy. His work lives on, endlessly, through our tapes and dvds. My condolances go out to Hayward and the entire Morse family in their loss. -Nancy Tavano

It was great sadness to hear of Barry Morse's passing. As a thirteen-year-old boy back in 1973, I loved his portrayal as Victor Bergman - a man who saw joy, possibility and awe in all things within the universe. I was inspired by his performance and have fondly thought about him over the years. I had the privilege of meeting him at a convention in 1985. His contribution to the TV show Space: 1999 as well as other cast members and crew inspired me to enter the world of film making... The sadness for Barry's passing is selfish. I will miss him. And the idea of him... and as Victor Bergman. He seemed to live a joyous and creative life - something to be admired and mirrored. I will miss him and think of him fondly as he continues his journey to other realms. Perhaps we shall meet again over port and cigars; a brisk and lovely evening of conversation, possibility and wonder. -Phil Cook

I learned about Barry’s passing a few days ago and am very sad. I was a big fan of his and just watched 'The Judgment' as my own tribute tonight... I would like get a copy of the book... The Fugitive is still my favorite show. I will truly miss Barry. What a wonderful man he was. -Gary Goltz

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of Barry Morse. I'll never forget the great pleasure of meeting him during January 2004 at the 40th anniversary reunion of The Fugitive. -Bill Cleghorn

I'm very saddened today to learn of Barry Morse's death. An excellent actor and I really enjoyed The Fugitive no other actor could have performed the role with such depth and feeling as Morse. The Fugitive is a classic! He will be missed. -Clarence Kokkinis

Rest in peace Barry. You were such a fine actor and just so convincing as the 'bad guy' that you really were not. I often wondered what you were doing in recent years and I hope they were good to you. -Karen

Mr. Morse... God speed to the memory of a fine British gentleman, and a superb Canadian. Thanks so much for entertaining me as Lt. Phil Gerard... You'll be sorely missed! R.I.P. Mr. Barry Morse! -Mark G.Tennant

Thanks for sharing your talent. Many blessings. -Susan Makky

I have many fond memories of Barry. Space: 1999 was a new concept and one that opened up many adventures for many youngsters in the 70's. All my best wishes to his family. -John McCutcheon

The Fugitive was our first encounter and he made such a lasting impression with us. Our deepest sympathies to his family. We have lost a brilliant actor, but the heavens have received a brilliant new STAR. -W. Ashby

I always thought he was one of the better characters in Space: 1999 and a good talker at the conventions - I remember at an early Con he was only supposed to be on stage for half an hour but was still going strong after an hour plus with the organisers desperately trying to remove him. –Mark

God speed Barry, thanks for everything. -Hans

Sad news indeed. Thank you Barry for al the wonderful characters you have played. You'll always be remembered as Alpha's father figure. Rest peacefully. –Doug

I have only been to one 1999 con, here in Los Angeles in 1999. I had the great fortune to hear Barry Morse speak at the convention. He was a very charming and witty man, and I came away with very fond memories of that afternoon. In my mind he was an essential part of the first series, always bringing a sense of humanity into the story (even at the times when it might otherwise be lacking). Godspeed, Barry. -John

Sad news indeed. A great person and an important character of season one. -Oliver

He always struck me as a very intelligent and thoughtful person. He will be missed. Thanks for the wonderful memories, Barry Morse. -Robbin

Easily the best actor on Space: 1999. His character was the one most missed in the second series (at least by me). Godspeed, Mr. Morse! -Hawk

Victor is my favourite character of Space: 1999. The series would never have been as great to me without Barry Morse. His achievements will go on being remembered by me and lots and lots of other fans. I'm sad to hear this. The world seems a little emptier. I will watch "The Black Sun" again now and marvel at what he brought to the series. -Christopher

I'll always remember the warmth, dignity and dry wit he brought to the part of Victor - probably the most endearing character in Space: 1999. I'll also remember his hilarious performance as President Cyclops in Whoops Apocalypse. And none of us should forget his extensive charity work. Thank you, Mr Morse; I hope you rest in peace. -Kane

I've tried to think what to say upon hearing of the sad passing of Barry Morse. We had met again a few times at various sci-fi conventions over here in the UK during the last 10 years or so; both of us talking about our different times on the show, the sci-fi scene etc... He was always interested in other people, and if it gave them pleasure talking to him, he responded and meant it too! The world will be an emptier place without him; at least we have his work and characters to look back on still. I for one will miss a charming and friendly man, someone I was proud to know and call a friend. Godspeed, Barry... and thank you. -Dave

I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. He sounds like a very kind person, and he was very gifted. Barry truly brought his character of Victor to life. -Chris

Very sad news indeed. I met Barry at a con in the 70s and he was a genuinely charming and sweet guy. His talk wasn't given in the main convention hall but in a smallish side room, which was of course much better. My Dad had taken me along to the con (I was only 12), he really had no interest in SF at all but was completely won over by Barry's presentation and was a fan of his by the end. The moment that I always remember is when someone brought up the subject of The Shape of Things to Come which had just come out. For those who don't know it, TSOTTC is a truly dire low-budget SF film made to ride the Star Wars bandwagon. Why had he done it? Barry wasn't at all precious or pompous and said "For a very simple reason, called eating!" He freely admitted that the film was crap and we all had a laugh at its expense (or lack of it!). Barry explained that he saw acting as his job and bad films paid the bills just like the good ones did. Speaking of good films, Barry appears in one of my own favourite films, Asylum, a horror anthology with Peter Cushing. He's excellent as an old tailor persuaded by Cushing to make a very special suit for his son... Rather than Space 1999, Asylum will be my own "tribute viewing", but perhaps to the general public he'll always be remembered for The Fugitive above anything else. Barry certainly covered a lot of ground in his career and always with some style. -Parker

I met Barry twice at conventions in the US and saw him perform his Merely Players show, a radio play of Pygmalion and a reading from one of his books as well as regale us with stories of his life and experiences in television and theatre. What can I say that hasn't already been said? Class, dignity and to be so energetic and lucid in his 70s - I was amazed. His recent YouTube video showed that hadn't changed. I will always treasure my memories of the conventions. Even more so, now. I remember Barry wearing a t-shirt at one of the conventions proclaiming "Victor Bergman lives!" Yes, Victor Bergman lives in each of us who remember the gravitas he bought to Space: 1999. So many profound lines came from the character Barry brought to such a memorable performance. Let us not forget Barry's experience goes back to the earliest years of television. Truly an incredible tapestry of life. Truly one of a kind, we willl not see his like again. I'll be watching “The Black Sun” and crying a while... -Jamie

I never met Barry, but I did like his wit and humor. He also had a knack for popping up in the most interesting places when it came to roles in SF. He appeared in Tekwar and the one that had me rolling on the floor laughing was when he didn't as much "appear" in an episode of Space Island One (the episode "Nemesis") but rather provided the voice for an old engineer from Texas who worked for a company that built a satellite for Reagan's Star Wars program and it disappeared, until it appeared to threaten the space station that is. I thought the voice sounded familiar, but it didn't click until I read his name in the credits. Besides, long before Tommy Lee Jones, it was Barry Morse who lent his voice to Lieutenant Gerard. "KIMBLE!!!" He will be missed, but I am glad we were along for the ride he gave us. -J.M. Chaladek

I met him twice, both at Fanderson events, he was a lovely chap, very pleasant and ever willing to talk to people. I got his autograph at the Destination Moonbase Alpha event at the gala dinner as he was on the next table, and he signed my Space: 1999 Technical Manual as well as posing for a picture at the Fanderson con. I also really really enjoyed his talk about his work at the con, it was entertaining and very interesting. -Tony B.

Barry was a great friend to Space: 1999 fandom, attending many of the conventions the fans put on over the years. His last Space convention was in 2005 in Tampa, Florida. Barry was much more than a media guest at a convention, he was a real person who stopped and chatted with all the fans and always had a kind word for me and my family at the three conventions I saw him at. He enjoyed his life and inspired a lot of people, he never talked down to the fans, instead encouraged them to achieve their goals. Thanks Barry... I never dreamed I'd actually get to meet you in person. I'm glad I did. -Phil Merkel

I was devastated to hear that Barry Morse had passed away. The warm humanity he brought to the first season of Space: 1999, and especially my favorite episode, "Black Sun", will always be cherised by this fan. I regret that I did not have the opportunity to meet Mr. Morse and express my gratitude for his work in the series and especially "Black Sun" which is one of the most brilliant productions I have ever seen. Please convey my condolences to his family, and thank you for the work that you do to maintain a tribute to this legendary actor and human being. -Christopher Cooke

I had the great pleasure of meeting Barry Morse once, in May of last year. The occasion was for the promotion of his long-awaited autobiography, Remember With Advantages (co-written with Anthony Wynn and Robert E. Wood). The title comes from Shakespeare’s play Henry V, when King Henry V is rallying his troops before the battle: "Old Men forget: yet all shall be forgot, / But he’ll remember with advantages / What feats he did that day..."


I shall always "remember with advantages" Mr Morse’s kindness to me, who, in addition to signing my copy of his autobiography, was generous enough to inscribe two books about Peter Cushing for which he had provided touching contributions. Moreover, he took the time to answer some of my questions, and shared his thoughts and memories with me. A gentleman in the truest sense of the word, and a brilliant actor who I know will be most sadly missed by fans all over the world, myself among them. With saddest affection, Andrés

I was also sad to hear of the death of this actor... Space: 1999 is the role I best remember him for, which I happened to watch a bit back after learning of his passing. I also remember him in many other productions and considered him a very good actor. -Steve Thompson

He was a true gentleman... He will be missed. I will have to order the book... -Joakim Lundberg

Very sad... another great actor is dead... thanks for the nice tribute to him... I wish him to rest in peace. Many people will miss him, that is for sure... -Daniela

I should very much like to contribute to Barry's memory... I sent to his home a note and card following Sydney's passing. Unexpectedly, I actually received the sweetest, kindest letter in return. I kept it and took it out after the passing of my husband (too sudden and way too young). Barry has always had a special place in heart and mind. My love, prayers and thoughts to his family and friends! We have lost a very dear mentor, friend and teacher. I know I learned so much about theatre from him. -Elizabeth

Barry Morse was a great actor and a very nice fellow. May he rest in peace. -Smudge

He was great in The Fugitive and in Space 1999. Regrettably, I never saw him on stage where I'm sure he would give a fine performance. RIP Barry. -Shadwell

I was lucky enough to have a quick word with Barry a few years ago at a Fanderson event at Pinewood studios. Although he famously loathed Space: 1999, he was always gracious and friendly towards fans like myself, who regarded him as the heart and soul of a series which could occasionally be a little cold and cerebral. He'll be greatly missed. -Brett

I remembered him only in Space: 1999 and The Zoo Gang, but nonetheless found him a great actor. RIP Barry. -Marky

Very funny as US President Johnny Cyclops in the TV series of Whoops Apocalypse - constantly appalled or bemused by the scheming of his neo-con fundamentalist advisor, The Bishop (John Barron). Sadly missed. -Graeme

When I was twelve years old, I wrote to Barry Morse c/o the Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario and told him how sorry I was he wouldn't be returning for a second season of Space: 1999, (in retrospect, a wise decision on his part). Not only did he handwrite a reply, he also sent a photograph of himself, autographed to me. I still have the photograph in my album and treasure it... as I treasure his long and valuable service to acting and its extended community. I'm forty-four now, a professional author, and whenever someone writes to me, I take great pains to show them the same kind of politeness and consideration Barry extended to me. I'm sorry to learn of his passing - he was an extraordinary gentle-man. I recall both he and Space: 1999 with great affection and fondness. -Cliff Burns



"Above us, once again, is the Bergman Force Field."
- Space: 1999,
"The Black Sun"

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