June 10, 1918 - February 2, 2008


"To everything that might have been... To everything that was."
Space: 1999, "The Black Sun".



Message from Hayward Morse

I would like to extend my appreciation to friends and fans around the
world for the outpouring of condolence notes and remembrances of Papa.
We have succeeded in donating Papa's entire remains to science as was
his fervent wish. Papa did not wish a funeral, but instead we are holding
Celebration Parties in Portland, London, Calgary and Toronto.

Best wishes, Hayward



Broadcasts Celebrating Barry Morse

KSAV internet radio has broadcast A Tribute to Barry Morse on "Talking
Television" - click HERE to listen. Special guests include actor Hayward Morse,
authors Anthony Wynn and Robert E. Wood, and Director Bob Rubin.
Anthony Wynn was interviewed on the life of Barry Morse and the theatrical
memoir Remember with Advantages. The show is called "From The Bookshelf"
and aired on KUSP, a National Public Radio affiliate.



Celebrations of Life for Barry Morse

Four "Celebration of Life" parties in four different cities were
held to honor and remember the life and work of actor Barry Morse:

A Portland, Oregon event entitled "Celebrating 'Your Friend and Mine',
Barry Morse, 1918-2008" was held on Sunday, April 27, 2008 at the
home of Dan & Camilla Sundholm, beginning at 2 pm. Barry was involved
in benefit events on behalf of the Parkinson's disease cause from 1995
to 2003 during five separate visits to the City of Roses:

Love Letters with June Lockhart
Guest Speaker at Annual OHSU Fall Parkinson's Symposium
SpaceCon XII with Grace Lee Whitney
Merely Players on-stage in Portland and Eugene
Love Letters with Barbara Bain
Merely Players taped for television
Merely Players performed at Out on Broadway
Guest Speaker Portland Creative Conference
Guest Speaker Annual OHSU Fall Parkinson's Symposium
SpaceCon XV with Ryan Case
Honored by Powells's Books

Barry's son, actor Hayward Morse, attended, and the co-authors of
Barry's theatrical memoir Remember with Advantages, Robert E.
Wood & Anthony Wynn were also in attendance.


A Celebration of Life honoring Barry Morse was held in London, England
on Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 6:30 pm. Hayward Morse, Elizabeth Sharland,
Robert E. Wood, Anthony Wynn, Toni Kanal, and Barbara Smoker were
just a few of Barry's many friends and colleagues who were in attendance.


In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a Celebration of the lives of Barry Morse
and writer Johnny Byrne was held, including remembrances of their work
in the science fiction series Space: 1999, and their enduring relationship with
fans, at the Another Con, Another Place convention on Friday, July 18, 2008
at 9:00 pm. Attendees included Barry's Contact co-star, Ryan Case,
and co-authors Robert E. Wood and Anthony Wynn.


A Celebration of Life for Barry Morse, with Hayward Morse and other
family members in attendance was held on September 13, 2008 in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) building.
Also in attendance were Gorden Pinsent, Corinne Conley, Robert E. Wood,
Anthony Wynn and more than 100 others. Barry was a naturalized Canadian
citizen since 1953 and lived in Toronto for more than 40 years.



The Barry Morse Collection

With the assistance of Dr. Leonard Conolly and the University of Guelph, the new "Barry Morse Collection" has been established as a part of the L.W. Conolly Theatre Archive at the University. Anthony visited the University and Archive and deposited the first of the documents and memorabilia to be catalogued and processed by the University staff. Since 1969 the University of Guelph Library has assembled theatre collections, named L.W. Conolly Theatre Archives in 1999, focused on Bernard Shaw; modern Ontario theatre companies; and playwrights, actors, directors, and designers active in Canadian theatre life. During this time, the Library's commitment has grown significantly to the point that it has become the largest collection devoted to professional Canadian theater and Shaw related materials in Canada.



A Memorial Bench for Barry

Barry Morse's varied work on stage and screen around the world deserves
to be memorialized in a way that would best honor the memory of a man
who cared so deeply for all his fans. Therefore, in an effort to honor that
memory, we have established the The Barry Morse Memorial Bench Project.

Click HERE to read full details on the background, the amount donated to
date, and information on just how you can support placing a Memorial
Bench for Barry Morse in London's West End.


Tributes and Remembrances

"Barry Morse was a remarkable man and a lovely human being. He was wonderful...
He was always prepared, completely professional and always very good.
He was a joy to work with."
- Martin Landau, Actor & co-star on Space: 1999

"Like anyone who ever crossed Barry's path, I loved the man that at one
time everyone on the planet loved to hate. One thing I regret the most is
that a script had been written for the character of Donna Kimble which Barry
was to direct but I had a conflict with another show and consequently missed
what I know would have been an wonderful experience. It's really lovely
that there's so much film of him in performance for us to always enjoy."
- Jacqueline Scott, Actress & co-star on The Fugitive

"I'm very saddened. He was just a remarkable man, hugely generous.
He had the most amazing energy. He would bound into the office."
- Rachel Neville-Fox, Canadian Agent

"I think what I treasure most about him and what stays with me was his
devotion to my mother."
- Hayward Morse, Son and Actor

"Barry was such a wonderful, wonderful man; so warm, so welcoming...
just incredible. He was genius and art, living art. His performance in
Merely Players was inspiring. There aren't words for the magic that
takes a human spectator, draws them into a performer's imagination,
and places them into another world. He was TRUE actor and performer
and he will be missed.
- Ryan Case, Actor

"God bless him. He was a wonderful man."
- Stephen Lodge, Writer and Crew Member on The Fugitive

"I'm so sorry he's gone. I will always fondly remember meeting him twice,
at my Twilight Zone convention and then in 2004 at The Fugitive gathering."
- Andrew Ramage, Author of Forgotten Gems of 'The Twilight Zone'

"I knew Barry for a long period of time. He was a wonderful actor and
a dedicated performer. He had class, brilliance, and a great sense of
humour. I would like to express my condolences. I met first met Barry
at the Mountain Playhouse in Montreal, on Beaver Lake, acting in a Noël
Coward show. I saw him last in New York at a George Bernard Shaw
performance and convention on Broadway, where we were on several panels
and discussion groups, and were of one mind regarding "The Method".
We both hated it! Barry believed in technique, voice training, and
entertaining the audience – not oneself. He lived a long and productive
life, and his contributions to Canadian actors especially, will be forever
remembered - with the wonderful Performing Arts Lodge. Barry was a great
trouper – and a marvelous man. He shall be missed. "
- Corinne Orr, Actress

"Certainly one of the kindest and most generous of men has left us.
He was my friend and my mentor. It seems quite appropriate that the
title of Barry's final book during his lifetime is the aptly named
Remember with Advantages - because we certainly all will."
- Anthony Wynn, Author and Playwright

"The list of roles he played on stage and in film and TV is staggering.
This is a great loss, particularly incalculable to Shavians. I saw him deliver
a tribute to Shaw in 2006 at a RADA dinner in which he addressed
[George Bernard] Shaw as Shaw's favorite character from Bunyan,
"Mr. Valiant-for-Truth," and everything I know about Barry Morse
suggests that this would be a good appellation for him as well.
- Richard Dietrich, Author and President of the Int'l Shaw Society

"I only had the pleasure of meeting Barry Morse once. But long before
that (not so long, really), I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Bergman...
What Barry brought to it, through his gentle smile, through the lilt of his
voice, and those wonderfully expressive eyes of his - breathed such life
into the show. A life well lived, Barry Morse. And thank you, for all
that you gave, and continue to give through the work you left behind."
- William Latham, Author of Resurrection

"I am so sorry to hear of Barry's death, both professionally and personally,
and may I also offer my condolences... With best wishes and great sympathy."
- Thomas Ribbets, Host of MusicalTalk

"He was a wonderful man and a [George Bernard] Shaw specialist...
Barry performed my play The Private Life of GBS, twice - once in
Toronto and once in London. The value and the meaning of life consists of
living it – and living it well. People who have been a strength and comfort
to others and have worked for future generations, deriving fulfillment and
satisfaction from so doing, those are the people who create the value and
meaning in life; and Barry was such a person. The most wonderful record of
Barry's life and career, his philosophy and his dedication to his family
and to the theatre, are vividly, and most beautifully recorded in his
theatrical memoir, Remember with Advantages. I have enjoyed it immensely
and it stands as a great tribute to his memory and his accomplishments.
I heartily commend it to each of you."
- Elizabeth Sharland, Author and Playwright

"The impact of Barry on the lives of so many of us has been nothing short
of profound, and the benefits of knowing him will stay with us forever...
our friend Barry Morse is eternal. He was the dearest of friends, a life
mentor, and his voice will always be with me."
- Robert E. Wood, Artist and Author

"Though his years on The Fugitive represented a small fraction of his
collective work, he remained proud of his association with the series and
its impact on American dramatic television... He was a marvelous storyteller
with uncanny powers of recollection, tremendous warmth and compassion, and
great fondness for David Janssen and Quinn Martin... he also had a cheeky
sense of humor... refreshingly down to earth as any actor I've come to know."
- Ed Robertson, Author of The Fugitive Recaptured

"Barry was not only a fine actor but a good friend who would do anything to help.
He was a regular visitor to Soho and had many friends outside the acting profession.
His wit and gentle manners will be sorely missed by all the gang at Gerry's."
- John O'Connell, Friend & Customer of Gerry's (aka "The Grog Shop")

"I'm sorry to hear about Morse's passing. I hope to get Remember with
- Dennis Gonzales, Author

"Barry Morse had a long and remarkable career on stage, screen and
radio, and made an enormous contribution through his humanitarian
and charitable work. He was a supporter of many causes but it was
through his role as a founder and as the first Treasurer of the Actors’
Fund that his generous spirit found its most profound expression...
We extend our deepest sympathies to his family."
- Graham Harley, President of the Actors' Fund of Canada

"I was so sorry to hear of Barry's passing. He was of great help to me on
my book, Broadway North."
- Mel Atkey, Author

I had the opportunity to interview the actor Barry Morse in London for the
Sunday Times of Malta... I still remember all the things we discussed in
the interview. I will never forget it. At that time he had lost his daughter
and yet he still wanted to meet me. I visited his wife's memorial in a
nearby Garden where he lived, he told me "One day my memories will also
be there." Can you kindly send... my sincere condolences to his son.
May he rest in peace.
- Charles Mifsud, Journalist

"Even though Barry Morse was an established star of both stage and screen,
he took the time from his schedule - whenever we asked - to help the Parkinson
cause here in Portland. he made a sizeable effort, through his generosity
and good heartedness, to raise the profile of our work in the treatment and
research of Parkinson disease at OHSU. As we continue our work, we won't
forget the wonderful support we received from Barry Morse along the way.
He was truly one man in a million. On behalf of the Parkinson Center,
I would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the Morse family and to
his thousands of fans and supporters around the world."
- Dr. John Nutt, Director of the OHSU Parkinson Center of Oregon

"There are loads of British actors who go to America, only ever play national
stereotypes saying silly things like "I say, by Jove" and so on, and remain
in the States without ever working in Britain again. None of this applied to
Morse, and that's part of why he was worth celebrating. Not only did he have
a wider range than his contemporaries, but many of them would simply not
have been capable of playing Americans, as he did so successfully. And then,
he came back to Britain and was happy to play character roles, and work in
the theatre, again something certain contemporaries of his would never do.
He really does seem to have been completely without ego, something unusual
in that profession. A rare man, in every sense of the word."
- Gavin Gaughan, Journalist

"In writing my book, The Official Fan's Guide to The Fugitive, I got to know
Barry Morse quite well. He was a wonderful, compassionate man and a great actor."
- Mel Proctor, Author

"Words are inadequate tools to express emotions. I felt sad to hear of his
passing. I had the great honor of being able to work with Barry... on the
Resurrection audio book... [and] on Survival, a novel that was conceived
as a tribute to both Barry and Sydney... He gave it his blessing and later
contributed a foreword... He was a grandfather figure to us all. A kind,
generous, modest, unassuming, down to earth, sweet, talented gentleman.
I miss him.
- Mateo Latosa, Powys Media


Notable Tributes in the Media

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Note: Upcoming pieces are scheduled to appear in
EQ, the Canadian Actors' Equity membership magazine;
FAB 59 - Gerry Anderson's "Fanderson" magazine
and Filmfax magazine.

In addition, actor Hayward Morse, actress Jacqueline
Scott, Barry biographers Robert Wood & Anthony Wynn,
as well as author Ed Robertson, will appear on a live
KSAV radio broadcast tribute to Barry Morse on Sunday,
April 27th at 11:00 am (Pacific).




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Musical Talk
Broadcast tribute to Barry Morse in the last quarter of Program 67

Note: Variations, reprints, and condensations of these articles
have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and periodicals around
the world and on the internet. The above articles represent the
best pieces on Barry that have been published.


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Tributes from the Fans

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Video Tributes

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