Pictures From Sarasota, Florida and Los Angeles, California

Hayward Morse and Barry Morse perform 'Bernard and Bosie'

Hayward and Barry pose after the performance

Barry with famed New York critic and playwright Eric Bentley


Barry with Jay Tunney, the son of the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Gene Tunney


Hayward Morse poses with historian and archivist Gail Cohen


Dr. Richard Dietrich, the organizer of the International Shaw Festival, poses with Barry


Barry with author Sally Peters


Anthony Wynn, Eric Stillwell, Barry Morse, George Takei, Robert Wood, and Deb Stillwell in Los Angeles

Director Walter Grauman with Barry Morse

Barry poses with actress Carol Linley - 25 years after their film 'The Shape of Things to Come'


Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garrett from 'The Facts of Life') poses with Barry


Joseph Campanella poses with Barry


Margot Kidder (Lois Lane of 'Superman') poses with fellow Canadian actor Barry Morse

'Fugitive alumni, actors Paul Carr, Antoinette Bower, Jacqueline Scott,
Barry Morse, and Arlene Martel pose

Actor Edward Asner joins the gang for a spirited discussion of 'The Fugitive'

Ellen Lindow, Barry Morse, and Charlene Scott in Sarasota, Florida

Barry Morse in the recording studio

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